Welcome to Access Chiropractic and Wellness, Airdrie's preeminent natural health clinic offering chiropractic care, registered massage therapy, cold laser, acupuncture, and custom foot orthotics. At Access Chiropractic and Wellness, Airdrie's choice for Airdrie chiropractors, we believe you have control over your health. How you react to your body's alarms and the steps you take to deal with your symptoms make an impact on how much you value your health. Identifying underlying problems and treating those symptoms are only part of the solution. At Access Chiropractic and Wellness, not only do we address your aches and pains, but we also provide you with various tools such as exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to take your health to a different level and help prevent the problem from recurring. Access Chiropractic and Wellness is your one stop for health solutions and your Airdrie chiropractors! We offer two locations: Access Chiropractic in south Airdrie in the Airdrie CO-OP where Dr. Jacqueline Boyd is found, and Access Chiropractic North in north Airdrie, behind Superstore and Wanderwash, where Dr. Paul Bajor is found.

Why choose Access Chiropractic and Wellness? We have been in Airdrie for over 10 years. Drs. Boyd and Bajor live in Airdrie so they have a vested interest in keeping Airdrie healthy. We were finalists for the Airdrie Edge Business Award and Airdrie Family Friendly Business Award. We are recurrent winners in the 'Alternative Health Practitioner' category in 'Best of Airdrie.' We donate and support our patients and our community directly. We have a strong referral network among medical practioners as well. If we cannot get you healthy, we will refer you to someone who can best help you. Please read our Google + page reviews for both clinics; there is a reason why we are top rated!