A team approach to your health...

We are not a pain-focused clinic. Pain manifests once the problem has developed over a period of time. Symptoms are simply the tip of the iceburg when it comes to your health. At Access Chiropractic and Wellness we focus on health promotion rather than symptomatic treatment. Make no mistake: we will help get rid of your pain, however health optimization is our goal.

Products to Help You Heal

Cryoderm was invented by a massage therapist who used the product as a replacemtn for massage oil and cream. He discovered that by applying Cryoderm to an affected area, it eased the muscles and allowed the tension to lessen in the patient's body, thus making it easier for him to do his work. By soothing the patient's area of pain, Cryoderm helps the damaged tissue to relax, therefore making it more receptive to rehabilitative treatment. Cryoderm is now one of the most trusted products for many practitioners. Cryoderm can help the patient achieve a quicker route to recovery and it is also completely safe to use with oral medications.


  • is a non greasy formula
  • feels good on the skin
  • will not stain
  • provides pain relief within minutes

  • Cryoderm has natural products and is an extremely useful substitute for ice when not available.

    Compression stockings are specialized socks designed to help prevent the occurance of venous disorders. They are elastic garments worn around the leg, compressing the limb. With gradient pressure against the extremity, they will reduce the diameter of swollen veins. The stockings will cause an increase in blood flow, which will help make your veins work better. The socks help lower venous pressure and prevents blood pooling and relieves heavy and aching legs.

    Compression stockings can be used by everyone. Pregnancy, airline workers, and athletes.