Patient Testimonials

Many of our new patients come via referral from existing patients. Please read below as to what some of our patients have to say about their care at Access Chiropractic and Wellness. Please also check what others are saying about our clinic on our google reviews!

"I must say I was extremely skeptical to have my treatment done by a chiropractor, but after my initial visit with the AMAZING staff and doctor, my mind was at ease. They did a thorough assessment, identified problem areas, and set up a treatment plan. Dr. Bajor continued to update me on my progress and also found out that I was in need of orthotic which he fitted me for. I am feeling better since the first visit and plan to continue on with Dr. Bajor and Mary to have a full recovery andn to maintain when needed in the future. Thank you so very much for making my visits pleasant, fun, and sometimes entertaining!"

- Nadia

"I had laser treatment on my knee because of arthritis. This has been an ongoing condition for at least 5 years. It has improved the pain level to the stage where I do not feel any pain most of the time. I would recommend that anyone with this problem to give laser treatment a try."

- Anja

"I came in for my usual appointment and I had taken a fall at work. Dr. Bajor took a look at my knee because I could barely walk. Turned out I had an MCL sprain. He recommended that I try the laser therapy, and it was amazing! Within the first treatment I was still limping but I could at least walk on it. The swelling went down and it didn't look like I had a second knee cap. Mary and Sasha are amaing as well as super friendly!"

- Cassandra

"As a runner, the hip injury I sustained in April, 2009, was devastating. For months I ignored the pain but eventually it became so bad that running was not even an option for me and even walking was pinful. I tried physio, got x-rays, and nothing appeared to be physically wrong. I cam to Access Chiropractic and Wellness in desperation. Thanks to the astute awareness of Dr. Jacqueline Boyd, the treatments I received have restored my mobility. I am pain free and even looking forward to running again! Thank you so much for giving me back my freedom!"

- Blythe

"I just completed 6 laser treatments on my feet; one word: AMAZING! I have arthritis in my feet and my big toes were locked (unable to move at all), which made walking extremely difficult. After just 1 treatment I regained some movement; I was thrilled! I'm not sure how long it will last before I will need more treatment (if I need more treatment), but for now I'm having a great time being able to walk, which after over 5 years of hobbling around is, in one word, AMAZING!"

- Margaret

"I came to see Dr. Bajor for help with a rotator cuff injury. The pain was so bad I was unable to sleep on that side. After my first adjustment and laser treatment, I was able to sleep on my shoulder again. After the fourth treatment I was about 80% better. The staff is extremely professional and friendly. I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Bajor for anyone with an athletic injury."

- Darlene

"I have had only one laser treatment and the difference in me is unbelievable. I have not felt this good in at least 5 years! I was in constant pain in the back and shoulder 24/7. Now I only have a slight twinge. It's like for years I have been carrying around 100 pounds and suddenly it is gone. I would highly recommend this to anyone in pain no matter how severe or mild it is. I feel like a new woman mentally and physically. Try this treatment and you will see for yourself how good you can feel again!"

- Katie

"Although I've been coming to Dr. Bajor over the last few years, it was not until Christmas 2010 that I came to genuinely appreciate the 'Art of Chiropractic Care'. Being 7 months pregnant, being unable to take any pain relievers, and having significant back issues, I began coming to see Dr. Bajor on a regular weekly basis. Within 2 weeks, all signs of pain were gone and I've had absolutely no issues since. Chiropractic care has definitely made a substantial difference in having a more comfortable pregnancy!"

- Lori

"I've always benefitted from chiropractic care but had lapsed in my maintenance program. I returned because of headaches. I have not had a headache since my first treatment and as an added benefit my sleep has improved a lot. I sleep through the night now!"

- Cheryl

"We have been bringing both of our children to see Dr. Bajor since both of them were 3 months old. I believe that monthly care is essential to keep their bodies running in excellent form. Kids fall and hurt themselves so easily that chiropractic care is helpful. My husband and I are also patients of Dr. Bajor and we also find it good to have regular care to keep our bodies in good form!"

- Amber

"I was very nervous about seeing a chiropractor, but from the time I walked in to the time I left the first day was such a positive experience I got over my fear quite quickly. Everything was explained step by step and all questions were answered in great detail. I was able to relax and have a positive experience. Within the first few visits I was feeling much better and continue to come for all the positive benefits."

- Christina

"After the retirement of my former chiropractor I was very nervous about finding another that would meet my standards. From the first phone call I was sure that the doctors at Access Chiropractic would at least meet my standards, and after my initial consultation I was so impressed I had to tell everyone of my experience. The friendly and knowledgeable staff had my back in order in less than a month. I went from total discomfort standing, sitting, or lying down to full range of motion and no discomfort. I continue with regular 'maintenance' and always feel 100% afterwards. The doctors and staff at Access Chiropractic are truly miracle workers! Thank you!"

- John

"I had never been to a chiropractor before but after some pain in my back and side I was referred here by a friend. Dr. Bajor and staff were so friendly and accomodating and put my worries at ease. After regular adjustments I feel much better and am glad I made my decision to come here!"

- Jennifer

"I have been a patient of Access Chiropractic and Wellness for 6 years. My original injury affected my quality of life immensely. The treatment I received has restored my ability to resume my everyday activities. The quality of care provided is unsurpassed. I feel that the doctors go above and beyond to ensure that each individual's needs are met. My experience has been very rewarding and I am truly grateful for the level of service and the results achieved!"

- Melanie

"I am a florist and spend many hours on my feet. I developed a chronic case of plantar fascitis in early December and could barely walk on my left foot. I was worried about Christmas coming and how I would manage the long hours on my feet. The pain was unbearable and the swelling made it difficult to put any amount of pressure on my foot. I heard about cold laser therapy during a presentation and decided to try it after numerous other therapies did not work. I did about 12 treatments and was amazed at the results! The golfball sized swelling and burning pain disappeared! I made it through Christmas (and Valentine's!) with no signs of the fascitis returning! I would highly recommend cold laser therapy to anyone who has plantar fascitis!"

- Colette

"I came to this clinic for a 'golfer's elbow' that had been bothering me for a long time.I was totally against chiropractors and was finally convinced to come for the physio effects on my elbow. My elbow is finally better and I am now having treatments on my neck and back as Dr. Bajor has patiently convinced me of the benefits of his work. I am very appreciative of his work and am now a 'believer' in chiropractic treatments!"

- Marilyn

"Access Chiropractic has been very successful in helping both me and my wife with our back pain. One year ago I had started experiencing back pain for the very first time in my life at age 35. Dr. Bajor started me with regular adjustments until improvements were found. The regular adjustment worked marvelously and the pain decreased and eventually disappeared. I continue to have a regular adjustment once every three weeks and my back feels great!"

- Jason

"Access Chiropractic and Wellness has given me fast, safe, and effective results and has helped me in many areas of my life, from sleeping better to building my strength in having less tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. I have received nothing but exceptional care not only from my chiropractor but the receptionists as well! My advice to anyone: don't wait if you're in pain and agony like I did! I wish I came at the first sign of back pain as I am now living a healthy, happy, pain free lifestyle!"

- Kelsey

"I had a chronic pain in my lower back for approximately 8 years. After various treatments with physio and a couple different chiropractic centres, I still had no success getting the pain to stop. I was referred to Access Chiropractic and Wellness and in only 3-4 adjustments, I have already started to feel my back is getting better. Not only is the treatment working, the knowledge that has been given to me regarding my back is awesome!"

- Kelly

"Thank you for giving me my life back! I don't remember what life was like before chiropractic . I know I don't miss the stress of life before chiropractic! Thank you for helping me heal! I honestly never thought I'd be able to put this behind me!"

- Kate

"I have experienced positive results. After a brief time with lower back pain, I recommend chiropractic care to everyone with whom I discuss my experience. Thanks for helping me be "pain free!"

- Kerry

"I have been seeing Dr. Bajor for 3 years. In that time my backaches have been eliminated and my migraines decreased. One of the biggest positive changes I have noticed is that I have had fewer colds (and only minor ones) and no flu's. This improvement to my immune system makes such a difference in my ability to function at my best everyday!"

- Paula

"My experience with Dr. Bajor and chiropractic is that he has helped me with any pain I have had. I feel so much better after the treatments! The staff are so friendly and supportive!"

- Vanessa

"After issue for a month with my hips, my scheduled visits with Dr. Bajor have left me with no issues at all and my hips feel great. Now with regular visits I am catching issues before they start!"

- Nicole

"Dr. Bajor has helped me in getting back to walking long distances, climbing stairs, and sleeping better! Thanks!"

- Doris

"Ever since I have been seeing Dr. Bajor, my immunity has increased significantly. My former neck pains are no longer present. My migraines rarely come anymore and I overall feel better physically."

- Kendra

"I feel great and have no more pain. Now I can golf again and enjoy my life!"

- Doreen

"Dr. Bajor is great! He is fast and thorough. He is able to pinpoint where my tension is and he releases it instantly! I highly recommend chiropractic therapy!"

- Erin

"I received excellent care from Dr. Bajor. My back pain is gone and I feel so much better all around. I can't say enough about the positive treatment I have received!"

- Gary

"Before I started chiropractic, I would have headaches after sleeping and my knees would be in pain on a regular basis. But since I started chiropractic care I no longer suffer from headaches and my knees no longer hurt. I work 12 hour shifts on my feet on concrete floors and now my feet don't hurt since Dr. Bajor recommended and did orthotics. Dr. Bajor and his staff here are amazing. He is knowledgable and professional, and the staff always has a smile and is helpful!"

- Tyler

"I suffer from arthritis in my back. When I first came to see Dr. Bajor, I was in such pain that I was unable to work, and the five minute drive to the chiropractor would nearly have me in tears. Within a month I was more mobile and in less pain. Two years later I am not pain free, but I have much less pain, I can move, walk, sit, and enjoy life. Thank you Dr. Bajor!"

- Garth

"I have always had chronic back pain and headaches and nothing ever seemed to help. When the pain in my back started waking me up at night I decided to go to Access Chiropractic and Wellness. Treatments with Dr. Bajor have dramatically improved my comfort and relieved my chronic headaches. I always look forward to my visits and the friendly faces at Access Chiropractic and Wellness!"

- Janine

"Our entire family always enjoys coming in for our adjustments. We are a very active family and Dr. Bajor and the staff at Access Chiropractic keep us feeling great! Everyone is friendly and caring!"

- Gord

"I used to have back pain for years and always thought 'That's life' or 'I need a new mattress'. Friends used to tell me I should see a chiropractor but for one reason or another I always refused. Then one day I broke down and went to see Dr. Bajor. From my first adjustment I felt 110% better! And it keeps getting better! I now recommend Access Chiropractic to all my friends!"

- Jennifer

"My experience with Access Chiropractic and Dr. Bajor has been excellent! I cam with lots of pain and discomfort and over the course of my treatment now feel great! Dr. Bajor has been very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the care I have received. I highly recommend Dr. Bajor to anyone needing chiropractic care. The staff are also very friendly and helpful. I will continue to come to this clinic to maintain my pain free self!"

- Brenna

"Starting this exercise of not being very mobile and a non-believer in chiropractic, I am now very mobile and without hurt. I am a believer and very thankful for the removal of the hurt. Many thanks!"

- Bill

"For years I have attended chiropractic treatment as needed. Over the past six years I have followed the advice of the chiropractors at Access Chiropractic and have received regular treatments. As a result I feel better, stand straighter, and move much more freely. I would recommend this treatment to everyone no matter what condition they are in."

- Tom

"The service I get here is 110%. Not only do I get a great adjustment every time by Dr. Bajor, but I also get greeted by wonderful receptionists too. My back has progressively gotten better to the point now that I have next to no pain. All around top notch customer service!"

- Connie

"I was in severe pain in my lower back and leg and buttocks. Having never had any kind of treatment before I decided to try a chiropractor and saw Dr. Bajor. It was amazing! Within the first visit I started to feel improvement and now 3 weeks later I feel amazing! I have way more mobility and strength. As an added bonus my neck has never felt better and I have not had one single headache.... AMAZING!!!"

- Sherry

"I was diagnosied with plantar fascitis and heel spurs. I had never been to a chiropractor before in my 44 years, Dr. Bajor and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. I was fitted for orthotic devices and had them in 3 weeks. What a tremendous relief for my poor feet and myself. I have continued to come on a regular basis to be adjusted. I have found such a great improvement on my range of mobility I would recommend Dr. Bajor and his staff to anyone who is hesitant on seeing a chiropractor. You are in great hands at Access Chiropractic and Wellness!"

- Yolande

"Chiropractic has kept me mobile in a very physically demanding profession. When I started a year ago I could barely move. For the last year I have been largely pain free!

- Kelly

"From the first moment I entered Access Chiropractic, I've been treated with respect and friendliness. Dr. Bajor has helped me overcome extreme discomfort and pain so that I may live a more relaxed life with my wife and children. As a previous skeptic, I would recommend anyone suffering from back pain to get help as soon as possible."

- Scott

"My experience at Access Chiropractic and Wellness and with Dr. Bajor has been very positive. The pain and soreness I have experienced in my muscles has been dramatically reduced and the advice and tips I have received for strengthening my problem areas has brought me great benefits. Everyone working here is extremely nice and professional. Overall this is a fantastic clinic!"

- Kristen

"I came to see Dr. Bajor after a car accident in October. He not only assisted with the healing process in my shoulders and back, but he was able to successfully mend my damaged hip. My hip had been an issue for 3 years and over the years I have had x-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans. 3 months of dedicated treatment and I can now sleep comfortably and sit on the floor with my children!"

- Elaine